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Dr. Leigh in Surgery

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Dr. Robert Leigh

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Course Participants

Leigh Smile Center - Westlock Alberta

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4-Day Dental Implant Course

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This site is specifically designed for Dentists, and other Dental Professionals only. The website contains images of surgical procedures. Patients looking for general dental information about Dental Implants, or the Leigh Smile Center, should visit


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Striving for Excellence in Cosmetic Implant Dentistry.

Comprehensive Dental Implant Program.

Committed to your Success.

Safe and Predictable Dental Options.

Expand the Horizons of your Practice.

4-Day Dental Implant Course

             Welcome to the WESTERN IMPLANT TRAINING CENTER.
                 Comprehensive Dental Implant Training for Dentists.

Total Immersion Course in a Full-Time Implant Practice

DR. ROBERT LEIGH -- General Dentist
                                      DDS, FAAID, FAAOI, DABOI/ID, DICOI

We are dedicated to the study and advancement of Dental Implants for the replacement ofImplant Smiles logo damaged or missing teeth. At the Western Implant Training Center, our fully-trained staff will guide you through a "Hands-on" approach to the art, science and techniques of Dental Implant procedures ... with Break-Out Sessions, Hands-on Prosthetic workshops, Live Surgeries, and Custom Designed Courses.

Our Center is PACE approved for Continuing Education Courses, and we are committed to your success in providing Dental Implant procedures as an alternative option to conventional methods for the replacement of missing teeth in the edentulous patient, or patients with badly damaged teeth.

The Course features LIVE SURGERY, and LIVE PROSTHETICS with our patients; or, if you prefer, mentoring with one of your patients. Dr. Leigh and the staff at Western Implant Training will guide you through every aspect of Implant procedures, including marketing, implant / restorative complications problem solving, clinical digital photography analysis and record keeping, transfer impression techniques and overdenture attachments, bone grafting procedures, and Implant prosthetic techniques. You will learn methods that will help to ensure more predictable results, higher success rates, and increased profitability; while providing your Patients with outstanding care and viable alternatives for their dental needs.

                 Dr. Leigh and Surgery Staff

Dr. Leigh has been placing and restoring Dental Implants for 37 years. His thorough, methodical, and detailed teaching approach has been acknowledged and appreciated by his Course participants. His calm and easy-going demeanor, even under the most difficult Implant procedures, has demonstrated his confidence and extensive experience. The Courses he offers are designed to reflect a logical, practical, and step-by-step approach. Purposefully, the Course is limited to a smaller number of participants, in order that attendees have a more personalized learning experience. The Course is formatted to accommodate the beginner to the more advanced Implant practitioner.

 We are dedicated to creating and preserving beautiful smiles.

Upon request, we will be happy to provide you with information about Dr. Leigh's qualifications and Credentials in Implant Dentistry, including his Curriculum Vitae. If you use the email address below,  we will send that information to you.


PLEASE NOTE: The Alberta Dental Association and College (ADA+C), and the Canadian Dental Association (CDA), do not recognize the placing or restoring of Dental Implants as a "Specialty" in Dentistry. No Dentist (General Dentist or Specialist) in Alberta can refer to himself or herself as a "Specialist" in Dental Implants. To do so would be a violation of the ADA+C Code of Ethics, and may lead to professional misconduct charges. So that there are no misunderstandings, Dr. Leigh is not an Implant 'Specialist', nor is any other Dentist in Alberta or Canada. Dental Implants are a service that Dr. Leigh (a General Dentist) offers at his Center. He has been both placing and restoring Dental Implants throughout his Dental career, and has been teaching Dental Implant Courses for the past 10 years.

General Dentist Associates: Dr. Courtney Wong, and Dr. Nick Teoh
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